Published 11 July 2019

QuickStart Web Wallet 

Web wallet home page

Create a new account

Web wallet main functionalities 

The Credits Web Wallet is a web application that can be accessed by internet. The data is processed through the user's browser in order to interact with Credits blockchain network. Cryptographic keys (public and private) are required for signing into the web wallet account. If these keys are lost, the account might be lost also.

Web wallet home page

Figure 1. Credits web wallet home page.

In the web wallet home page users can:

  • Create a new account and generate keys for getting access;
  • Sign into an existing account;
  • Click on the navigation bar which links to some resources like: Credits Monitor (the blockchain explorer) and Credits GitHub repository.
  • Select the blockchain network from the drop-down menu.

Create a new account

An account can be created by clicking on ‘new wallet’ button. First at all, the user have to read and accept the conditions. Important to notice that Credits Wallet does not collect or store any information related to users.

Figure 2. Create a new wallet account.

After clicking the “send” button, both public and private keys will be generated for the new account and a key.json file with these keys will start to be downloaded. Once the file is downloaded, save it in a secure place.

 Figure 3. Private and public keys for the account.

The key.json file that contains the encrypted keys, will be used for signing into the wallet account later.  


Then, click on ‘Continue’ and the web wallet main page will be displayed. See figure 4.

Figure 4. Web interface for a wallet account.


Log into an existing account

When signing into an existing account, users have to click on "sign in" button. Then, the public and private keys will be required or the key.json file can be attached by using the ‘Attach Key File’ button. 

Figure 5. Log into an existing wallet account.

After clicking on ‘Continue’ button, the user will be redirected to the web wallet account page.


Web wallet main functionalities

In the web wallet account page is possible:

  • Transfer Credits cryptocurrencies (CS);
  • See transactions history for the account;
  • Check deployed Smart Contracts;
  • Create new Smart Contracts;
  • Create a Token Smart Contract.

Transfer (CS)

Credits cryptocurrencies (CS) can be transferred through the web wallet page in the ‘Perform a transaction’ section. First, the currency must be selected. Next, the destination address, the amount to be transferred and the commission that the sender has to pay must be indicated. Afterward, the user can click on the ‘Send’ button. 

Figure 6. Transfer Credits cryptocurrencies (CS).


See transactions history

In the "Detailed transaction history" page users can see all the transactions performed by the web wallet account.  The web interface is shown in the figure 7. 

Figure 7. See the account transaction history.


Check deployed Smart Contracts

In the web wallet main page in the section ‘Smart Contracts’ users can check and interact with deployed Smart contracts.  After searching a smart contract by its address, the following page will be displayed. See figure 8. 

Figure 8. Check deployed Smart Contracts.

Once the smart contract is found, users might select any smart contract method to be executed from the ‘Choose method’ drop-down list.  Then, fill out the parameters fields for the selected method. Afterward, users can click on ‘Execute’ button. Some funds are required for executing.

Create Smart Contracts

Smart contracts can be created in the ‘Create smart contract’ section of the web wallet page by writing the code directly in this section, and after that clicking on the ‘Deploy’ button.

 Figure 9.  Deploy a new Smart Contract.


Create Token Smart Contracts

Users can create a token smart contract in the ‘Create a token’ section also. Before clicking on the ‘Create contract’ button, all required fields must be filled out. The figure 10 shows this section.


 Figure 10.  Create a Token Smart Contract.

The new token will be available in the web wallet account after transaction completion and fulfillment on the blockchain. The user can check the information related to the token in the web wallet main page and in Credits monitor. See figure 11.

 Figure 11. Token Smart Contract deployed on Credits blockchain.

In the ‘Token info’ page in Credits Monitor user can read detailed and useful information related to: the Token Smart Contract owner, the Smart Contract address account, Token total supply, Token name, Token ticker, token holders and so on. 


Figure 12.  New Tokens available in main web wallet page.

Finally, new token information will be available in the ‘perform a transaction page’  and the user will be able to transfer the created tokens. See figure 12.

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