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Published 15 August 2018

About the Credits blockchain explorer

About the Monitor

The Monitor is a Web-version of the application from the browser of the public registry of the platform, providing public access to data coming from the registry.

The monitor is implemented in Java + Angular JS and connects to the peer-to-peer network using the platform API. Statistics are updated every second.

The Credits monitor page contains the following information:

  • total number of nodes in the network;
  • transaction statistics;
  • balance;
  • details of the transactions of the selected wallet;
  • general information on the smart contract;
  • an overview of an open smart contract.

The monitor is implemented on the basis of the Node architecture. To provide up-to-date information, the Monitor receives information about all of the changes in the blocks, but does not participate in the rounds.

Figure 1. Module interface Credits platform monitor

At the top right of the Credits Monitor page, the network selection menu is displayed.

On the main Credits Monitor page at the top you will see data on the last generated block, the total number of blocks processed on the network, the amount of all transactions, the volume of Credits CS tokens, Smart contracts, 24 hours, a week, a month and the whole period.

The Credits Monitor displays the statistics of the conducted transactions for each generated block. The legend of the table on the ‘All Blocks’ page contains: the fields No. (number of the generated block); Time (Date and time of block generation); Status; Hash; Quant txs; All value; All fee; Prev; Next and Last at the top and bottom of the page for easy page navigation. Clicking on any of the generated blocks in the Hash field will open a new page with detailed information about the block itself and the Transaction List executed in this block.

Figure 2. Transaction list of the generated block.

In the Transaction List of the block, the transaction sequence number, the transaction ID, the purse address from which the transfer was made, the address of the purse to which the enrollment was received, the amount and the commission fee is displayed. Navigation buttons at the top and bottom of the Transaction List provide a convenient view of all transactions in the selected block.

When you click on the ‘From account’ or ‘To account’ field in the Transaction List, it displays information about the balance of the wallet with the specified address within the selected transaction.

Figure 3. Wallet balance within one transaction from the Transaction List in the block.

When selecting the menu item Smart Contracts (Smart Contracts), detailed information about the contents of the Smart Contract is displayed, see Figure 4.

Figure 4. Contents of Smart Contract.

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