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Published 18 June 2019

How to install node for Windows operating system

Installation of the Credits software

Installation of the Credits software.

Download installation file for Windows x64



After downloading the installer, it should be run with administrator rights, otherwise the system will request them after launching the installer. Downloaded file is on the figure below:

In case JDK (Java Development Kit isn’t installed, you’ll be asked to visit download page

Download JDK and install it. After that, Credits installer should be run again. JDK installation is mandatory.

Once installer is launched, a window pops out where you should choose installation path. “C:\Credits by default”:


Installation with default settings

Installation with default settings

During installation a user will be offered to configure the node:

If nothing was changed during the installation process (installation by default), close the window and installation will finish.

Connection will be adjusted automatically and Credits software can be run from the desktop by clicking on the icon displayed on the figure:

Upon the first launch of the node (client.exe), users will be offered to create new node public key (press button “g”), or quit (press button “q”) as displayed on the figure below:

When selecting option 1 (Private key encryption)

Then input password to generate keys and press “Enter”

When selecting option 2 (without private key encryption)

Keys are generated without entering the password.

Installation with extended parameters

Installation with extended parameters

During installation users will be offered to configure the node

Configuration window is split in 3 sections:


  • Signal server (on the figure below)
    • Selection of Ip address and port of signal server. If port is not specified, it’s selected by default
  • List (on the figure below). Selecting this option opens the entry area for the list of network servers IP addresses. The list can be saved as a file or be uploaded from one.


This specifies the node operating mode as “node” or “router”


Server ip - Start server address

Server port - Start server port

Input port - Input port of the node

Api executor port - Executor port

Use IPv6 - Enables the use of IPv6 protocol

Extending - Shows additional parameters

Public ip -  Node public IP

Public port - Node public port

Api port - API public port

Executor port -  Executor public port

After that, node will try to connect to the network.

Successful connection is displayed on the figure below

Configuring Credits software after installation

If it’s necessary to configure the software once again, package includes a tool “configurator.exe” that allows to repeat this procedure.



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