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Published 15 October 2018

Description of Credits monitor

General description

General description

Credits Monitor is a web application designed to monitor blockchain networks of the Credits platform (, as well as to search and view information about the objects: blocks, transactions, accounts, smart contracts. The current version of the monitor is located at

Credits Monitor provides support for working with multiple networks at the same time, i.e. one instance of the application allows the user to receive information from different networks. Currently these are the two networks: main “MainNet” and test “TestNet”.

API version may differ in different versions, and the monitor uses the appropriate version for each network.

Interface description

Interface description

After following the link, the main window will look as shown in the image:

By default, the "MainNet" network will be used after following this link.

The main page of the monitor contains the following items:

  • Drop-down list of network selection. This element allows you to select the network to display. Homepage always opens after selecting a network 
  • Search bar. Is designed to search for information. Here you can enter: block hash, transaction ID, wallet (account) address, smart contract address 
  • Statistics. The statistics section displays various quantitative information:
    • number of blocks
    • transactions
    • smart contracts

The stats are updated every 2 minutes, the exception is the “Last Block” item - its value is updated every second

A list of one hundred recent blocks. This block displays a table with the data of 100 recent blocks. The update takes place every second. With the "Show only blocks with transactions" check box, only blocks with a nonzero number of transactions can be displayed

The "Hash" column contains URLs of the transactions block. If you click the link with a left mouse button, you will navigate to the page of the selected transaction block, for example:

The block page contains the block information, such as number, hash, status, time, quantity. Below information about the transaction block you may find the "List of Transactions" table, which displays the transactions that are included in the selected block. The transaction information is displayed in the table:

  • identifier (Id)
  • sender hash (From account)
  • recipient hash (To account)
  • amount of internal currency (Value)
  • the cost that the sender of the transaction should pay in favor of round nodes (Fee)

In order to get information about the transaction, you need to press the left mouse button on the URL of the Id column. The result is shown below:

To display detailed information about a smart contract, you can find it by a unique address through the search bar or through a list of all deployed contracts

On the smart contract Information page we can see its address as a hash, status hash, byte size, Java source code, method, parameters.

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