Published 27 June 2019

Examples: C++: Boilerplate




In order to further illustrate the use of Credits API, let’s create a boilerplate.


// Connecting Thrift library

#include <thrift/stdcxx.h>

#include <thrift/transport/TSocket.h>

#include <thrift/transport/TBufferTransports.h>

#include <thrift/protocol/TBinaryProtocol.h>


// API implementation with C++

#include "api/API.h"

#include "keys.h"

#include "client.h"


//Connecting namespaces

using namespace std;

using namespace apache::thrift::transport;

using namespace apache::thrift::protocol;

using namespace api;

using namespace general;


int main(int argc, char* argv[])


  if (argc != 6)


      cout << "Usage: main.exe NodeIpAddress NodePort YourPublicKey YourPrivateKey TargetPublicKey" << std::endl;

      return 1;



   cout << "Credits API Demo C++" << endl;


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