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Published 24 October 2018

How to install node for Linux operating system

Installation of the Credits software

Installation of the Credits software.

Download tar file for OS Linux 64 here

After downloading the archive (Credits_unix_x64.tar.gz) you need to unpack it to the user-specified directory, for example “~/temp”. The result of unpacking is presented in the figure:

Next, go to the "client" directory and browse its contents:

“./client” node startup options are located in the “config.ini” configuration file, it looks as follows:

Where you specify the address of the signal server, incoming and outgoing ports, enabled or not IP6.

You need to enter the “./client” command in terminal in order to start the node in the folder, where you've unpacked the archive:

During the first start of the (./client) node, the user will be prompted to generate a new public key for the node (press "g" key) or exit (press "q" key) as shown in the figure.

Next, there will be an attempt to connect to the network.

The result of successful connection is presented in the figure:

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