Published 19 July 2019

Windows node installation

Credits software installation 

Java installation

In case JDK (Java Development Kit is not installed, you should install it from Java download page. After that, Credits installer can be started. JDK installation is mandatory.


Credits software installation

First at all, download installation file for Windows x64 is required.



The executing file should be run with administrator rights. Once the installation program is launched, the user should indicate the directory. ‘C:\Credits’. Then the installation process will start.

Figure 1. Directory for Credits node installation.



Default settings installation

Default settings installation

After finishing the installation process, ‘Cs Node Configurator’ module will be launched by closing the installation program window. The user might define additional setting options but the default configuration can be kept.

Figure 2. CS Node Configurator.

Connection parameters will be adjusted automatically and Credits desktop wallet will start by clicking on Credits shortcut icon on the Windows desktop.

 Extended parameters installation

Extended parameters installation

During installation process users might configure the node and define some parameters in ‘Cs Node Configurator’ module. The configuration window presents three (3) sections: bootstrap, node and settings. See figure 2.


  • Signal server - Indicates the IP address and port of signal server. If a port is not specified, it will be selected by default. See figure 3.


Figure 3. Bootstrap section - signal server.

  • List - When user selects this option a list of network servers IP addresses is opened. The list can be saved as a file or be uploaded from one.  See figure 4.

Figure 4. Bootstrap section - list



In this option the users can specify the node operating mode as ‘node’ or ‘router’.


This section presents several parameters that could be defined. Following a brief description.

Server ip - Start server address

Server port - Start server port

Input port - Input port of the node

Api executor port - Executor port

Use IPv6 - Enables the use of IPv6 protocol

Extending - Shows additional parameters

Public ip -  Node public IP

Public port - Node public port

Api port - API public port

Executor port -  Executor public port


The node launching

When launching the node first time, users have to generate the encrypted keys by pressing ‘g’, or quit by typing ‘q’ as displayed on the figure 5.


Figure 5. The encrypted keys

When selecting option 1, is required to type a password to generate keys and then press ‘Enter’.

Figure 6. Node connection to Credits network.

Encrypted keys are generated after entering the password. After that, node will try to connect to the network. Finally, Credits wallet GUI interface will start and it will be connected to the blockchain. See the figure 7.

Figure 7. Credits wallet GUI interface.

If it’s necessary to configure the software again, Credits package includes the tool:  ‘configurator.exe’ which can be used to repeat the procedure.

In addition, information regarding Credits desktop wallet main functionalities can be read here.


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