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Published 15 October 2018

How to install node for Windows operating system

Installation of the Credits software

Installation of the Credits software.

Download installation file for Windows x64 here
After downloading the installation software (Credits_win_x64.exe), you must run it as an administrator, otherwise the operating system will request these rights after launching the installation file. The downloaded file is presented in the figure

After running this installation file, a window to select the installation language will appear

In case JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is not installed, it will be suggested to go to the download page and download this package and install it. If you click "No", the installation will continue without proceeding to the JRE download page.

On the next step you should continue by pressing the "Install" button

Installation with default settings

Installation with default settings

Installation with default settings (selection of the proposed parameters), then click "Apply", after this the "Saved" inscription will appear at the bottom. The result is presented in the figure:

Installation is complete. The connection will be configured automatically after starting. You can run the Credits software from desktop as shown in the figure:

During first start of the (client.exe) node, the user will be prompted to generate a new public key for the node (press "g" key) or exit (press "q" key) as shown in the figure

Installation with a choice of extended settings

Installation with a choice of extended settings (select the “Extended Setting” checkbox)

During installation process, the user must select "Bootstrap type" from the drop-down list; two values are suggested:
● Signal server (presented in the figure below)
   ○ IP address and port of the signal server are selected, if the port is not specified, it is taken by default

● List (presented in the figure below)
   ○ "Filename" specifies a file with a list of hosts (by default it is named hosts.txt)
   ○ "File contents" specifies the contents of the file

In the advanced parameters, select:
● host address, incoming and outgoing ports (required if other hosts or virtual machines are running through this host)
● also user chooses to use IPv6 protocol or not, it is disabled by default.

In case "Extended settings" is checked, the user-specified parameters will be written to the file
Then the user should click "Apply" and close the window.

An attempt to connect to the network will be made at startup.
The result of successful connection is presented in the figure

Configuring Credits software after installation

Configuring Credits software after installation

If you need to reconfigure the software, the "CSNodeConfigurator.exe" utility is included, which allows you to perform this procedure.


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