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Published 12 November 2018

Web Wallet Description

Brief description

Brief description

The Credits Wallet is a browser-based application executable on the user's browser-side. All data is stored and processed in the user's browser & transmitted directly to the network. By doing this, data is not stored on any server. In the case of a password-access key access being lost, the account will be lost.

Credits Wallet is located at:

Wallet main page

Wallet main page

On the main page we can perform the following operations:

  • go to the transactions monitoring page
  • log out of the current account by performing "Logout"
  • select network from the "Choose net" drop-down list

  • you can create a new account either by clicking the "New Account" button

or at the bottom of the window

  • sign in with a previously created account

Create a new account

Create a new account

When you create a new account, the wallet window will look as follows:

here you will need to enter a password of the account to be created. The password is required to generate the key file and then write it to the disk. When you click the "Continue" button, the public and private keys of the account are generated and the key.json file containing these keys is loaded.

Once again, click the "Continue" button and proceed to the user page with the created new account:

The contents of the “key.json” file is provided on the figure below:

Sign in with a previously created user account

Sign in with a previously created user account

When you click the "Sign in" button, the wallet page will look like this:

To log in, you need to:

fill in the “Put public key here” and “Put private key here” fields and press the “Continue” button, then you will be redirected to the user wallet page


use the “Put key file” button to specify the “key.json” key file that was generated when creating the account. Next, you will go to the user's wallet page.

Operations performed inside user wallet

Operations performed inside user wallet

You can perform currency transfers on the user's wallet page. It is enough to choose a currency (the currency should be based on Credits Platform currency), specify the destination address, amount of currency, reward for transfer and press "Send".

In the "Account" block:

the user can update the balance information - "Update Balance" or go to the "Detail" page that displays the transaction history of the current wallet. “Detail” page is displayed in the figure below:

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