Published 8 July 2019

Credits Monitor 

Credits Monitor overview

Credits Monitor is a blockchain explorer which shows all transactions being processed in real time on Credits blockchain platform. It provides detailed information related to the generated blocks and transactions traceability. Furthermore, users can see account balances and useful information.

Figure 1. Credits monitor home page.

In Credits Monitor home page is possible to see relevant information like: last generated block, total number of processed blocks on the network, all transactions list, current Credits available tokens, deployed smart contracts, in a defined period of time: last 24 hours, a week, a month and so on. On the top right side of Credits Monitor page, the different Credits blockchain networks can be selected: Credits Network main, Devs & dapps test net or TestNet release 4.2.

Overall, Credits monitor provides the following information: 

  • Total number of nodes in the network;
  • Transaction and block statistics;
  • Account balances;
  • Account transaction details;
  • Smart contracts general information;
  • Detailed information of an open smart contract.

Credits monitor was developed in Java + Angular JS and connects to the peer-to-peer network by using the platform API. Statistics are updated every second. The monitor was implemented based on a Node architecture. Credits block explorer receives information about the generated blocks in the network in order to provide up-to-date information.

Figure 2. Processed blocks in Credits main network.

In Credits Monitor users can see statistics of the transactions for each generated block. The fields in the table: ‘All blocks processed in the network’ page are: number of the generated block (Nº); Time (Date and time of block generation); Hash; Tx count, Total Fee, Writer. Besides the buttons: First, Prev, Next and Last at the top and bottom of the page, provide easy page navigation. Clicking on the block number or Hash will open a new page with detailed information about the block and the transaction list executed in the block.

Figure 3. Transaction list in a generated block.

In the Transaction List of the block, is possible to read the following fields:  sequence number (Nº), transaction ID,  transaction status, the account address which performed the transfer, the account address that received the funds, the time, the amount or value and the commission fee. Navigation buttons at the top and bottom of the Transaction List also provide a convenient view of all transactions in the selected block. When clicking on the ‘From account’ or ‘To account’ fields in the Transaction List, information about the account balance is displayed and also all the transactions performed by the account.

Figure 4. Account information from transaction list in the block

Furthermore, when selecting the option ‘Blockchain’ in the navigation bar the options: Blocks, Transactions, Smart Contracts and Accounts are displayed, and by clicking on Smart Contracts, detailed information about the contents of an Smart Contract can be consulted, see Figure 5.

Figure 5. Smart Contract detailed information.


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