Published 15 August 2018

About the Web Wallet

About the Web Wallet

The Credits Web Wallet is a client interface for secure and easy interaction with the peer-to-peer network, which is easy to use, flexible and easy-to-configure.

The Credits Web Wallet allows without installing a complete node, the transfer of currency from one user to another and to perform operations with an already deployed smart contract, if there is no need for its self-compilation. Synchronization with the network is performed automatically in real time. Connection to the peer-to-peer network is carried out using the platform API.

The functionality of the Web Wallet is completely analogous to the Desktop Wallet, except for the possibility of creating and downloading new smart contracts.


  • View the balance;
  • View transaction history;
  • View transactions with smart contracts;
  • Create a transaction;
  • Creating a new token, using a smart contract;
  • Operations with deployed (existing) smart contracts.

Smart Contract Processing Module

Smart Contract Processing Module

The smart contract module is a mathematical algorithm of the Credits Platform, designed to conclude and maintain self-executing contracts.

A smart contract is written to the platform, where all the logic is placed in the software container - the block. The latter combines all messages related to a particular smart contract. Messages can act as inputs and outputs to the smart contract code and lead to actions outside the locker, in the real or digital world.

Required attributes of a smart contract:

  • use of electronic signature methods based on public and private keys available to two or more parties to the agreement;
  • the subject matter of the contract and the availability of instruments necessary for its execution (crypto-currency settlement accounts, oracle programs, etc.);
  • precisely described conditions for its execution, which the parties to the treaty confirm with a signature, as well as the reliability of the source of digital data.

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