25 October 2019

Developer’s Journal #23

In the October edition of the Developers Journal, we would like to share with you the prevailing realities of our technical work. The Credits development team provides you with a complete list of changes and updates of the platform. 

We are also glad to announce the release of an updated Mainnet Software version 4.2.432.0 which you can Run & Test down below:


Speed Optimization

  • Improved block synchronization algorithm by network nodes
  • Increased speed of processing the list of wallets by network nodes
  • Significantly increased the information exchange efficiency during the consensus: eliminated the influence of the total number of nodes in the network on the exchange rate between trusted nodes, and, accordingly, the generation rate of blocks


Stability Optimization

  • Improved joint nodes work of different versions in updating the network: added several options for controlling the versions of working nodes in the network to eliminate the possible conflicts between different versions
  • Automatic correction when a non-validated block is found in a local copy of the blockchain was implemented


Reliability Optimization

  • Improved the subsystem of smart contract calls: fixed the discovered bugs, added strict control of the JDK version and the contract executor
  • Fixed working with local transaction indexes: eliminated possible problems in the operation of the node if the local transaction indexes are incorrect
  • Eliminated several reasons found during testing that previously led to the stop of the node operation


Systemic Resources Optimization

  • Reduced processor load, use of RAM 


Usability Update

  • Included JDK part required for executor and Wallet application in the distribution kit, necessary for the executor and the Wallet application, allowing the user to install any other version of Java on their system without affecting the operation of the node


We thank everyone who actively participates in the network and assists in its improvement. Credits team is constantly working to sharpen the platform, creating the technology of the future right before your eyes!