18 September 2019

Developer's Journal #22

The new edition of the journal on changes and updates of the Credits blockchain platform moves us towards the completion stage. Our developers have done a remarkable job, made some amendments and are ready to share them with you. In this connection, we would like to inform you about the ability to become much closer to our network and download the Mainnet Node from the Developer’s Portal or GitHub. The node installation is able for users who have successfully completed a partial swap. We also wish to commend that a partial swap is still ongoing and will last till the end of the month. 

Here is your cherished list of changes for the period from 08/23 to 09/16 that reflects the specific updates we have made:

Speed ​​Optimization 

  • Constant connection to the executor without losing/making a connection for each call
  • Acceleration of the mechanism of internal identification of wallets by numbers instead of public keys in node caches
  •  Increased transaction validation speed, which is essential for a large number of transactions per block 


  • Correction of all remarks found to show tokens, holders, wallets and balances (more than a dozen)


  • Reworking of wallet identification in caches, resolving a problem with multiple wallets 

Optimization & Reliability Improvement 

  • Correction of possible "hangings" of the exchange channel between a node and an executor
  • Refactoring internal package repositories in-network transport
  • Correction of potential problems found in rare but possible cases based on tester reports


  • Adding the ability to update some parameters in the configuration file “on the fly” without restarting the node. In the future, the list of such parameters will expand

Mainnet Node

Launching a node on the Credits Mainnet helps the network validate transactions and blocks in a more decentralized manner. This will allow you to be an active member of the network and receive rewards. Your participation is important to us and we greatly appreciate your contribution to expanding our decentralized ecosystem. Only together can we succeed and build on what we have achieved!