23 April 2019

Developers Journal #19

Credits team is pleased to announce a new “Developers Journal” update! This article summarises what has been done since the Mainnet was launched. During this period developers were working on smart contract and entire platform stability and eliminated several flaws. At the moment team is working on Developers Portal updates in order to make documentation corresponding to the current version of Credits software and make the process of dapp and smart contract development much easier.

We have performed the work on optimization of Testnet version with a subsequent plan to update Mainnet version. You will able to download updated Testnet installer for Windows and Linux on Developers Portal shortly. We plan to start partial swap as soon as stability test will be carried out successfully.

Credits Node

  • The flaw in the consensus mechanism when one of the trusted nodes does not respond is fixed. This is important for the process of smart contract deployment.
  • Refactoring of sending network packets in Linux version.
  • Memory and CPU leak in Linux version is fixed.
  • The work of timers in the synchronizer was improved. It reduces processor load during the synchronization process.
  • The database loading is accelerated.
  • A flaw which made the creation of several tokens in a row impossible is fixed.
  • The nodes stability is improved.
  • The possibility of the node to crash or shut down the network while receiving incorrect data packets is eliminated.
  • The process of node shutdown is improved. By tapping “CTRL-C”, the trusted node ends the round and only then the node finishes the work.
  • The data storage format is optimized due to size and complemented with all the data which is necessary for completed validation.
  • The size of DB engine service information was significantly decreased.
  • The synchronization of nodes is improved. It increases the ability of the network to recover after stopping the rounds without manual intervention.
  • A new mode is implemented. It allows the node to determine a sufficient number of neighbours and update the list of neighbours if it is required.

Credits Wallet

  • Desktop wallet and executor of contracts are updated.
  • The smart contract standard is updated.
  • The smart contract functions are updated.
  • A smart contract flaw that made impossible to call the smart contract methods if the previous call was finished with error is fixed.


  • The communication mechanism of node and executor has been completely redesigned. Currently the node communicates with the executor via a separate channel through its own API. This API includes methods that allow, for example, to call one smart contract through another smart contract
  • The ability to restrict the modification of smart contract through another smart contract is implemented
  • Various verifications at the stage of receiving API requests are implemented. For example verification of EDS, balance, etc.
  • The ability to receive the data of any transaction type, their state and the result of smart contract execution is added.
  • The filter which helps to search the tokens is implemented.