Published 15 August 2018

Electronic digital signature

Electronic digital signature

Credits uses cryptographic hashing to ensure the security of all aspects of the system. The platform implements a signature system based on elliptical curves - EdDSA. The Ed25519 curve is used, which is an elliptic curve signature scheme that provides better protection than ECDSA and DSA, and good performance. Encryption using an elliptical curve is used to generate cryptographically protected key pairs.

When creating an account for the user, a passphrase is generated, which is then hashed using the BLAKE2b algorithm. This hash is subsequently used by Ed25519 to generate private and public keys. Using a private key, the user can sign transactions and transfer them to the network. The public key is included as part of the transaction, and the nodes that receive the transaction can verify the authenticity of the signature using the public key. This provides effective protection for both the user and the network, since the private key is known only to the user, and the public key can confirm that the signature is valid.

The algorithm Ed25519 is designed to work with a level of protection of 128 bits. Only large quantum computers are able to crack such protections. Reasonable assessments of the capabilities of traditional computers indicate the complete security of Ed25519.

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