Published 15 October 2018

How to set up PC’s to run Nodes

How to set up PC’s to run Nodes

During installation of the node, the user does not have to configure the PC; this happens automatically. But, if antiviruses are present on the PC, then some problems may arise, such as: the antivirus brings the client.exe file to quarantine, blocks the necessary ports for connecting the program, and so on.

Let's try to solve this issue. After installing the node on the computer, you need to add the file client.exe (by default it is installed in C: \ Program Files \ Credits \ Node) into the "Exceptions" of the Anti-Virus.

On this example we will consider the most popular AntiVirus:


Avast: Go to Avast -> Settings -> General -> Exceptions -> Select a file


Kaspersky: We go in Kaspersky -> Settings -> Advanced -> Threats and Exceptions -> Exceptions (Configure Exceptions).

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