Published 15 August 2018

Security Overview of Blockchain Platform


Blockchain offers a fundamentally new approach to the information security of large systems, which extends beyond the hub servers and includes the protection of user data and infrastructure. However, there are various problems in the field of block systems: the development of a network infrastructure for potentially drastic increases in the number of transactions, the regulation of information storage, the ability to ensure the safety, security and authenticity of data. Consider the main algorithms, the implementation of which made the Credits platform safer than other block systems.

General provisions on information security

By itself, the philosophy of blockchain technology, implies a maximum level of security, which is provided by the following parameters:

  • Blockchain - a formed chain of data blocks associated with the hash of the previous block.
  • Decentralized storage and processing of data.
  • The principle of forming a chain of blocks, each block contains the hash sum of the previous block.
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