Published 15 October 2018

Dapps concept, their features and main characteristics

Dapps concept, their features and main characteristics

Dapps (decentralized applications) are attack-resistant apps where blockchain is the basis for such apps technology functioning. Blockchain is an open database for viewing, where all information cells are cryptographically connected and have the immutable blocks structure.

Dapps have the following characteristics:

  • blockchain-based operation;
  • project decentralization;
  • open source code;
  • cryptographic communication availability;
  • generate tokens to reward participating nodes;
  • access in exchange for tokens;
  • remuneration in tokens in case of successful contribution to the ecosystem.

Dapps provide the opportunity to participate in the unlimited users and gadgets IoT number interaction.

Dapps advantages:

  • Privacy
  • Speed
  • Sustainability
  • Security
  • Pooling resources

The differences between decentralized apps

The differences between decentralized apps

Dapps differences:

  • Decentralization (resource allocation for each participant node)
  • Confidentiality (data transfer in encrypted format)
  • Protected transactions (P2P, secured by blockchain.
  • Participation in Dapp network as the shares owner, developer, miner, bounty tester, etc.
  • censorship, agency fees and manipulations absence

Dapps categories (classification), Dapps examples

Dapps categories (classification), Dapps examples

Decentralized apps types

  • Type I. Dapps has own blockchain.
  • Type II. Apps which use Type I blockchain. These are protocols which release the tokens required for their execution.
  • Type III. Operate on Type II apps protocols, but require the own tokens release.

Main Dapps categories:

  • money management apps
  • apps which integrate money with external events in the real world
  • decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO): decentralized, which don’t have a head blockchain organization.

Dapps examples

Dapps examples:

Active Dapps examples

An ambitious (Golem) project’s goal is a global network creation which allows to monetize the computer processing power use.

Augur. The team is engaged in a decentralized predictions market creation. The system implements an interesting reputation mechanism: the user loses both the prize and reputation tokens (REP) while having erroneous forecast.

Status. The app use allows to make your mobile device to become a full node. The app runs on p2p protocol.

Pixelmap. A huge "billboard" with 1 million pixels size. Participants are encouraged to buy the rights to individual pixels and use this space for their own content.

The reasons to use Dapps and their future

The reasons to use Dapps and their future

Dapps are developing rapidly. dAps can become a new trend in various human activity areas in future due to its rapid supply and demand growth. People may expect for new amazing functions and blockchain technologies application in future.

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