Technical News

Developer’s Journal #23

In the October edition of the Developers Journal, we would like to share with you the prevailing realities of our technical work. The Credits development team provides you with a complete list of changes and updates of the platform.

25 oktober 2019

Developer's Journal #22

The new edition of the journal on changes and updates of the Credits blockchain platform moves us towards the completion stage.
18 september 2019

Developer's Journal #21

A new edition of the journal devoted to the changes of the Credits blockchain platform. The main changes in the code and structure of the platform for...
05 augustus 2019

Commissions on Credits Platform

Learn more about the principles of calculations of commissions on Credits network in our traditional rubric "Technology behind Credits Protocol"
17 juli 2019

Transaction Volume Capacity of Credits Network

Why can the CREDITS blockchain process hundreds and thousands of times more transactions per second than other popular systems like EOS, Tron, Ethereu...
02 juli 2019

Credits Bug Bounty Campaign. Stage 1

Credits improves its technology day after day and makes head with a credible faith in decentralized future. The only way to succeed in the modern IT m...
29 juni 2019

Smart Contracts on Credits Blockchain

Nowadays, smart contracts are considered to be the most utilized application of blockchain technology. A smart contract acts as an agreement which con...
18 juni 2019

Developers Journal #20

This article details the progress of the Credits Development Team in enhancing the blockchain platform since our last update in mid-April.
05 juni 2019

Transaction Processing Time

In this article, we are going to explain why Credits Blockchain Platform’s transaction speed is higher and what are the underlying reasons for its out...
03 juni 2019

Developers Journal #19

Credits team is pleased to announce a new “Developers Journal” update! This article summarises what has been done since the Mainnet was launched.
23 april 2019

IoT Data Validation Through Credits Blockchain Platform

Innovative technology IOT is changing the world of modern business perception. The ability to collect real-time data provides businesses with a number...
12 maart 2019

Credits Technical Bounty Program FAQ

How to register for the bounty program? What are the requirements for the participants of the bounty program? How is the reward for the bounty progr...
30 januari 2019