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Published 11 October 2018

Where to start developing in Credits blockchain platform

Where to start developing

Development of a smart contract on the Credits platform represents the process of writing code (mathematical algorithm) in the Java programming language.

About developing smart contracts

About developing smart contracts

The user must familiarize with the general information about smart contracts.

The Java language is used to write smart contracts

We have compiled a small section of articles on Java language and development on it:

About Java

About Java

The development of a smart contract is performed in the language of object-oriented Java programming. A Java smart contract is translated into the Java bytecode executed by the Java virtual machine (JVM), a program that processes the byte code and passes the instructions to the hardware as an interpreter.

The resulting bytecode is completely independent of the operating system and hardware, which allows you to perform a smart contract on any device that has a corresponding virtual machine.

This section provides an overview developing on Java

List of terms

List of terms

Our team has gathered and explained the terms used when working with the platform

Smart contracts

Smart contracts

Creating code in any development environment

The development environment is a set of software tools used to develop software. The most popular development environments for JAVA applications are: Notepad++, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Eclipse Java.

IntelliJ Idea


Eclipse Java

In the development environment editor, you can write the smart contract code, check it for errors, and if no errors are present, perform the transfer of the smart contract to Credits Desktop Wallet app.

The transfer operation is performed by copying the smart contract code to the clipboard and inserting it into the Credits Desktop Wallet app.

Creation and deploymen

Creation and deployment

Hello World

Example of a smart contract token



Token standard

The standard of token issued on the platform developed by the project team

Deploying a smart contract

Deploying a smart contract

Deployment of smart contracts on the Credits platform is performed in the Credits Desktop Wallet app.

After inserting the smart contract code from the clipboard, click "CHECK" and then "DEPLOY" buttons, and your smart contract will be deployed on the Credits platform.

To find a smart contract after its creation, you need to save its hash.

Enter the hash of the smart contract into the "search contract" field, and click the "SEARCH" button

Once the smart contract is found, select the method of execution from the "Choose method" drop-down list, set the input parameters, click the "EXECUTE" button 



Dapps (decentralized applications) are attack-resistant apps where blockchain is the basis for such apps technology functioning. Blockchain is an open database for viewing, where all information cells are cryptographically connected and have the immutable blocks structure.

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